​​So a few months back I saw an ad to apply for this showcase if you are in arts. At this time I have never hear of “Raw Artists

I did my research and I come to find out that this would be perfect me.. after watching tons of videos and reading articles on it I was so interested to attend let alone even apply

I then applied and got in! So what Raw Artist is about. Basically it is a showcase where artist for all types of artist; painters, musicians, Photographers, fashion designers, makeup artist etc. get to show off their work and talent in a booth .. or preform. It’s intended to help the “starving artist” network. There are shows all around the world and anyone can apply

For my booth I had three models already complete with makeup (before the event started) they would stand on pedestals interchangeably throughout the show and then walk around networking for me and them selves and then during the show I did one live demo.

Over all, it was a lot of fun and met tons of people. I would do it again but I would do it a lot differently because I did stress myself out not knowing what to expect

If you want to hear more about the preparing and more details on it let me know (:

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