Read on to see how I got this eyeliner look and learn tips to do it yourself! 

FIRST  Pick your choice of eye liner.

I personally like liquid liners that have a little brush at the end, you dip into liquid. I find it easier to glide on the eyelid.

The one I’m using today and pretty much use everyday is my favorite NYX black liquid eye liner in Matte. 

This is my eye without any liner.. my soon to be “canvas” I first start off by applying on my eye lid to get the base down

Note: You want it to go across from inner corner to outer corner. My line is now complete.

The thinner the line the better. If you make it too big it’s harder to erase as opposed to starting small and building on top of it to make it more bold.


TIP # 1 open your eyes and look straight.

When looking straight you can really see where you want your eye liner to go.

TIP #2 you want the line to basically continue from where your bottom water line ends.

This will make the liner flow into a nice shape that will flatter your eye shape.

Tip #3 make sure you dip it right before starting so there’s enough liquid on the brush.. BUT not too much because then it will come out globby and thick.

Tip #4 be very light handed and do baby strokes.

It should now look like a thin line connecting to the first base line you made.

(It’s okay if it’s a little bumpy through the line .. that’s the point of trying to make it thin because if you mess up and make it bumpy you can put another layer on top to blend the bumps/mistakes in)

P.S. Please ignore my funky eyelashes..

You then want to thicken your line.

For the base line – Thicker on the outer and then getting thinner as the closer you get to your inner corner

For the wing line – thicker on the corner while the line gets smaller toward the end tip of the wing.

Should start to look like this.

Then you want to connect everything to make it all blend together

TIP try not to look up too much while it’s drying  because then your eye liner could transfer to the top part of your eye lid and make everything go all bad ..

… and that’s exactly what I did … so ignor that for now I fix those little black annoying dots later LOL

All eye shapes are different so when looking at top eyeliner on someone with their eyes closed it will most likely be a different shape on everyone.

Mine usually looks like this because when my eye is open is looks like a straight line

So how you find what looks best is keep opening your eye to see where you want it then close and fill it in and repeat until you get the shape you want.

This my eye liner with my eyes open..

See! It smooth’s all into one flowing straight line!


(This is me looking straight into a mirror, how I said to start)

You do the same things for the other eye. Just keep comparing eye liner shapes along the way so they look the same! Then it should look like this!

 I added lashes and bottom liner to complete the look!

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