Believe in Yourself


“Believe in yourself”

A quote we have all heard way more then enough times in our lives.

What does it really mean though?

They say to tell yourself positive things and to tell yourself nothing but good things. That is because what you say and what you think is what you believe. I am here to tell you that it’s very true, as long as you truly believe it.

I am going to tell you my experience and then explain to you how it exactly works.

Soooooo, my dad has always been into sports or just being active in general. I, as a youngster, hated nothing more then being active and every sport name to man. Basically, I was a lazy little brat who just wanted to eat,watch tv and play video games all day. When my brother and I would go visit our dad every other weekend, he would make us get off our lazy butts and do some sort of activity.

I am sure you all know if you’re reading this post on this page, know that I am very involved in the arts, right? Well, old little me didn’t know how artistic I truly was until around senior year of high school. Therefor, with the athletic dad like mine, I was put in every sport possible. I can now officially say I failed miserably at every single one of those sports. Yes, I could of tried harder and I am sure I could of succeeded but, I hated it with a passion. I always wished I was some sort of athletic but, never was. I almost felt as if I disappointed my dad because I sucked so horribly at sports and got the worse grades in school. Years later I then realized sports and school weren’t my calling and then thats when the arts came into play.

ANYWAYS, I remember this one weekend specifically. My dad made my brother and I (my brother was an athlete as well) go to some track to run and do workouts. That was the last way I wanted to spend my Saturday as a 10 year old. I had no choice though. My brother, dad, and step mom kicking ass as always and then me, struggling behind just trying to keep up.

My dad was then trying to help motivate me and push me to do better. He was very supportive but, always had things to correct in the way I would do things.

I was running, and actually trying, when after he told me something that stuck with me ’till this day and it was something so simple.

He said that the way I run was really good, that I had good posture when I ran as if I was an athlete that it came to me naturally.


Now, why am I telling this story? Well, because ever since then I have always believed the words that he said. Whenever I am running now (to work out) I always think “I look like an athlete when I run.” Since I think that now I can truly feel myself performing better when I run. I run as if I look like a gold medalist track runner training for my upcoming meet. That is definitely not the case at all. Still to this day I can barley walk with out tripping or walking into something. However, since I truly believed those words and think that thought I do perform a lot better as to thinking thoughts of “I suck.” “I am weak” “I am not athletic.” Thinking that I actually look athletic when I run pushes me and makes me do more then I thought I could for when it comes to workouts.

This isn’t saying you should always believe everything someone tells you because that’s the cause of most peoples insecurities and non go getter personalities as well.

I just so happened to have taken this one and turned it into my own belief and now I go by it. What I am saying though is to think good thoughts about yourself and truly believe them. For example if I now think thoughts of me becoming an award winning makeup artist for film and believe it with all my heart, then there will be no doubt in my mind that I won’t be able to achieve it. It’s just getting yourself to think those beliefs and not to doubt yourself.

Also, don’t let anyone else beliefs affect you. You know yourself better then anyone else so, believe in you and your own thoughts.

My story is an example of what not to do. Yeah it was a good thing but, my dad could of been totally lying to me and I still believed it. What if he told me “you are a horrible runner, your run is sloppy and embarrassing” I probably would never of ran the rest of my life again or would of been extremely insecure about it.

SO overall the point of this post is to stay true to you. Tell yourself good things make yourself believe things you never thought was possible for you because the only way you can succeed in life is to believe in yourself. Otherwise you’ll be doubting yourself and won’t be willing to take any of the risks in your life to help you achieve your goals.


“Believe in yourself.”



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